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Stress Less!

Ever feel you're running full tilt but getting nowhere? That to do list never get any shorter, the phone never stops ringing, too much noise everywhere and something had better give soon or you just might snap?! Seem familiar?

The ‘Stress Less' course offered at by the PDU at the counselling centre at the Highfield Campus might be just what you need! This ½ day workshop is packed with information about stress, its effects if prolonged and more importantly, what we can do to reduce our own stress levels.

With a mixture of taught material, discussion, exercises and experiential learning you will gain valuable insights into your own stress levels and explore practical ways of managing these. A really excellent use of a morning, this course has the potential to make a real difference to your life. If you are interested it is available via staff book at


Sandy Walker

Wellbeing at Work Group

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