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An update on the Multi-Professional Learning Project

The aim of the Multi-Professional Learning Project is to facilitate the progression from the current provision of IPLU which finishes in 2014, and the future, whereby multi-professional learning (MPL) is embedded within programmes and students do not see multi-professional learning as additional, but integral, to their programmes.


18 undergraduate health and social care programmes from the Universities of Southampton and Portsmouth are part of the project with a task and finish group responsible for developing the learning resources to be embedded during Years 1-3.

The project resources developed will serve as an introduction to Multi-Professional Learning to support the core content already embedded in programmes.

The draft outline of provision as agreed so far is as follows:

- Year 1 Professional identity: Students will explore their professional role and the concept of professionalism during the first year of their programmes. The project will identify learning outcomes to be mapped against existing modules with additional resources being developed including audio clips, tutorial group exercises and worksheets for students to be able to explore more about individual members of the multi-disciplinary team they will work alongside.

- Year 2 Learning and working together: Students will be brought together in mixed professional groups on a campus basis. The focus of the group work will be decided at our next meeting however we are in agreement that this will be innovative, meaningful and relevant to their practice.

- Year 3 Inter-professional working in practice: Students will be invited to a half-day conference on campus with clinical simulation workshops to attend for the other half of the day. This has yet to be discussed in detail and agreed by the task and finish group.

The MPL provision will itself hold no individual credit or assessment as it is embedded in programme modules. However there will be some formative assessment to ensure student participation and attendance.

In addition to this taught provision a sub-group of the task and finish group is being created to develop resources to support learning in practice. Resources to be explored include multi-professional learning outcomes, reflective episodes and a practice log for multi-professional practice opportunities which will be embedded in programme specific assessment of practice documents.

Across the two Universities there are a number of areas of good practice around multi-professional learning and working. The project would like to serve as a platform to share these resources through the creation of an electronic space where they can be accessed along with the project resources. The whereabouts of this space we are in the process of identifying between the two Universities and we have asked the students to be creative in identifying a memorable name for this place with the opportunity to win a £20 Amazon gift voucher!

If you would like any further information on the project please do not hesitate to contact the Project Lead Emma Böckle on More information to follow as the project develops.

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