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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Marketing Update

We have now moved to the 4th Floor North wing if you need to locate us. We thought we would update you on some activity that we have been undertaking for the Faculty.

Facebook - we have launched a new Facebook page to reflect the new Faculty name rather than the School site and are building the community there. We would really encourage you to get students to use the Facebook pages, our goal is for it to become one of the most liked Faculty Facebook pages in the University.

Website Search Optimisation - we are just about to start an exercise on optimising our new website for the Google search engine. Working with a specialist agency with the objective for us to increase our natural rankings as a site for Google based on a number of key words.

Advertising -  we have now entered the new cycle for 2012 entry and are working on our UG campaigns. Our advertising budget this year is mainly being spent online and is very targeted, national and very measurable so it will give us some good learnings on which to build.

On the Postgraduate side we are currently updating the PGT course guides to be able to use them both in our UK recruitment but also internationally. This year sees the first year we that we will be actively advertising our PG provision and this is also work which has started. We are also looking at producing some further materials to be used specifically for the international markets but also for travelling academics to use to promote the Faculty.

We have emailed you about the improvements to the sussed noticeboard and how you can get news and events on there. As a marketing team we are however still interested in any news you may have which you think would be of interest to any other internal communications or indeed external channel. Please do give us a call or come and see us on the 4th Floor!

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