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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Marketing update

The marketing team has been working towards the 2015 recruitment cycle and the Faculty PG prospectus for 2015 is due to go to print imminently. In addition we have already started the 2016 prospectuses for both the Faculty and the University for UG.

We recently delivered a full activity update to the Exec team, a copy of which can be found on SharePoint. This update looks at all of our activities and the results of those activities where we have them.

There are some real wins so far, one of which is the introduction of re-marketing, which is a Faculty first for the team, i.e. we were the first Faculty to get this live. This means that after visiting our website, that user may go onto to another website to browse but we will follow that user with an ad with the ability to click through to our website. This has increased our opportunities to see enormously, in fact from 4th Sept to mid-October we had 196,000 UG impressions (the number of times the ad has been seen). This helps with building awareness of the Faculty.

Did you know that we also have over 350,000 sessions on our website per year? This continues to grow as we increase our reach, in fact sessions increased by 30% on last year.

More results and the full review of our latest activities can be found in the file attached, or we would be more than happy to take anyone through it, just let us know if that would be helpful.

We are very sad to announce that Rebekah Donawa, our Marketing Officer for UG activity is moving on, she is moving to Brockenhurst College. From mid-December she will take up the position of Head of Marketing and Communications. This is great for Rebekah and we wish her well in her new role. We are currently recruiting for a replacement.

Getting your stories out there

Thank you to all who were able to attend the ‘Getting your stories out there’ media event. We hope you found it useful and informative, and our guest, David Fenton of BBC South, engaging.

For those who were not able to make it or who wish to review the brief presentation it is now available on SharePoint.

Due to popular demand, we are planning to run another similar event in the near future. If, in the meantime, you have a story you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the marketing or media team.

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