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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

The Big Move

Whilst it has been more than two years since our professions were brought together as the School and later the Faculty of health Sciences, it was only a few weeks ago that physical proximity and affiliation between our traditionally separate worlds was achieved.

An extensive de-cluttering preceded the major physical shift of people and teams which seemed to signify an “off with the old and on with the new” attitude. Of course de-cluttering is typically accompanied by a natural anxiety from which we were not exempt; we were giving up that which had served us well in the past and that which may come in useful one day. Whether the container is a wardrobe, a house, an office or a filing cabinet, de-cluttering is not for the faint – hearted and ruthless decisions are made which we can only hope we will not regret.

The physical move was relatively trouble free, crates and filing cabinets being located in the correct places and perhaps because so much pre- emptive thinking had taken place about new locations, losses and gains, there were few if any surprises when Monday morning arrived. This is an accolade to the efforts of everyone in the Faculty.

Some further changes have been made and the newly forming location user groups will determine the bigger transformations. Little by little, a new order is emerging with promises of a dynamic and ambitious future. The appreciative chocolate initiated further sharing of gifts and cakes, berries and even champagne which suggests a measure of much more than forbearance, something more like optimism and a willingness to move positively toward the future is in the air. Early days – but the earth has certainly moved – well it feels like that to me anyway.

Suggest a caption!

The accompanying photo highlight some of the lighter "moments" during the move, I have attached some captions already proffered for one of the photos, others will be gratefully received and a prize for the best will be awarded at Christmas.


1. Ghostbusters!

2. Whilst Steve relished the opportunity to work with a cylinder, William was less convinced about the upright...........

3. After Kathy and Claire had broken their nails, the backstreet boys didn't know which end of the vacuum cleaner to use to finish the job

4. With the move complete, staff were cleaned before they were allowed to enter the building.

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