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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Conquering the world one tweet at a time

A social media update from the marketing team

Social media is one of the fastest growing initiatives the world has EVER seen, and the UK has the highest percentage of social networking users IN THE WORLD! 93% of marketers use social media for business and 95% of 16-20 year olds have used Facebook in the last month. In other words, 95% of our target audience is right there in one place!

There is no other medium that can target 95% of your audience for FREE, and the reason why we use social media as part of our marketing strategy.

But, it is equally valid for use by individuals. Since January this year the Health Sciences Twitter account (@HSciences) has grown in followers by 61%. Facebook is up 40% in visits and ’likes’ up 26%.

In the last six months, our social media posts have reached over 400,000 people from California to South Korea and our engagement level continues to rise daily. This is the most successful, instant and cost effective way to reach international and local students via a medium that holds 95% of our target audience.

If you have a story, event, or success you wish to share, please tell the marketing team and we can promote our Faculty internationally! Tweet us, retweet us, comment, engage, and we can conquer the world one tweet at a time. @HSciences

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