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Pankhuri Kochhar MSc Leadership and management in Health and Social Care, 2017

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Studying here has given me a whole new perspective into healthcare systems around the world.

Why did you choose to come and study your Master’s degree at the University of Southampton?

To learn from the best of faculty professors, their experience in the world of research along with the specific modules and course structure in my programme drew my attention to opt for the university.

Experiencing the world in one place which accepts and respects every individual for who they are despite the varying cultural background and ethnicity they belong to.

Were you nervous or excited about anything in particular before coming to Southampton?

The new learning experience not only in the field of academics but also in my personal life including making new friends from all around the world and sharing experiences and culture along with the travel experiences within the UK excited me. I settled into Southampton with real ease and most of the credit goes not only to my welcoming friends but a great deal to my teachers who explained and shared their experiences about their lifestyles and culture and to the welcoming staff of the University, who are there to give you guidance and support.

What is the city of Southampton like to live in?

Southampton is a safe and lovely city to live as a student. Shopping places like West Quay, public gardens, restaurants, pubs, cafes are all easily accessible within a small distance regardless of the place you live and more so through the frequent Unilink service that covers all the important parts of Southampton. As part of student life, the experience and excitement for a nightlife is beyond any doubt completed by the city.

What was it like staying in University Accommodation?

The provision of all basic amenities in halls of residence like an oven, microwave, freezer, and refrigerator, which the international students are at some point concerned about before coming to university, work efficiently. The consideration for keeping halls green; electricity conservation, reducing water wastage and recycling is impressive. Moreover, the 24-hour support available to students along with a quick and fast response time to any query is remarkable.

What is it like studying at the University of Southampton?

Studying here has given me a whole new perspective into the healthcare system around the world. The inspiring, approachable lecturers’ and their constant motivation to push our abilities beyond our imagination and to improve our performance for a better future is incredible.

The best part of being at Southampton are the large number of resources and facilities available for a student to access. These include the library with its flexible opening times and online access to all types of available literature. The easy access to computers and printing facilities, the sports and wellbeing centre; including the gym, swimming facilities, self-defence classes, badminton, tennis, volleyball, etc., and the campus cafes and restaurants

What elements of your degree have you enjoyed the most?

My programme balances theoretical learning with practical activities involving group discussions and team work.

A particular highlight was a two day trip to Chilworth as part of a hands-on experience in one of the modules where the students are presented with activities testing team building, leadership, and organizational skills. One impressive feature of this trip was that the tasks given were not related to healthcare but were instead educational training games designed to test performance of students outside their comfort zone. When reflecting on the experiences, there are a lot of different methodologies and behavioural aspects gained that can be applied in work and in personal life.

Have there been any modules that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

With my inquisitiveness about technology and computers, Healthcare Informatics was one module that stands out giving me insights into the evolution occurring in healthcare. It further enhanced my knowledge about the relational aspects between a human and the technology being introduced to improve health conditions around the world. The curiosity brought about in a student by Dr. Richard Giordano is of immense importance using his own experience and knowledge to make you think outside the box. His planning and teachings of the module are one of most effective and efficient way of imparting knowledge to students.

Have you participated in any other activities at the University or related to your course?

I volunteered at University Hospital Southampton as I wanted to challenge myself with balancing a work life with studies developing time management skills. I took an administrative role in the hospital charity office with a thought of meeting different people and getting involved in some community work. I work with an amazing and experienced team to help organize fundraising events, helping people across various hospital departments with the resources and requirements to conduct their own charity events and solving queries of the charity donors.

How has your time at Southampton prepared you for your future career?

The knowledge and the personal development experiences gained at this university will be applicable in my future career and I hope will bring a change for the better in healthcare. I chose this course as I have been looking to extend my career path towards improving the health of people on a much larger scale, not limiting my expertise to dentistry. This course provided me with the managerial as well as leadership skills that are necessary today in the health sector.

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