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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences


The School of Health Science features a series of laboratories where research into the physiological mechanisms of muscle and respiratory function takes place.


We have close links with the NIHR funded Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit providing access to world-class facilities for respiratory diagnostics and imaging at Southampton University Hospitals Trust. The Trust also hosts the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, a clinical environment dedicated to research  with a significant Respiratory portfolio. Within the School we have excellent laboratory and equipment facilities to support our research into computerised lung sound analysis (electronic stethoscopes), breathing pattern analysis respiratory inductive plethysmography and respiratory therapy.


The electrical activity of muscle as it contracts provides valuable information on the amount of effort and physiological mechanisms of a muscle as it contracts during a given task. The school has numerous electromyography (EMG) systems open to researchers which are synchronised with our motion capture systems so we can also accurately determine the timing of when a muscle contracts in relation to a movement task.

Rehabilitative ultrasound imaging

Rehabilitative ultrasound imaging has become increasingly popular in the field of Physiotherapy as it provides as easy assessment of muscle size and shape without the need of exposure to harmful radiation. It can also be used as a useful biofeedback tool to help train people to contract the correct muscles.

Ultrasound Imaging

Rehabilitive ultrasound imaging is becoming increasingly popular in physiotherapy

lateral abdominal wall including the external obliques, internal obliques and transverse abdominis
Rehabilitative ultrasound
A biofeedback tool to obtain contraction of the transverse abdominis muscle
Rehabilitative ultrasound images
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