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Research project: A study of the effectiveness of the Macmillan Approach To Weight Loss and Eating Difficulties - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

A systematic literature review (Phase I) and an exploratory study (Phase II) have revealed that weight loss and eating difficulties are experienced as troublesome by the majority of people with advanced cancer.


However, little is known about how people can best be helped to live with these symptoms. Indeed, it is widely assumed that nothing can be done, as to date pharmacological and nutritional interventions have been found to be of limited value in arresting or reversing the symptoms. Yet the Phase II exploratory work found reasons for distress in consequence of weight loss and eating difficulties that may be amenable to intervention. Hence this study sets out to challenge the belief that nothing can be done to help the many people living with weight loss and eating difficulties as the end of life approaches.


The study will develop a new approach to the management of weight loss and eating difficulties in people with advanced cancer. It will then go on to test the impact of the approach on eating related distress experienced by both patients and their carers.


Exploratory trial.

Main outcomes

Self-reported weight and eating related distress in patients with advanced cancer and their carers. 

Project team

Jane Hopkinson 

Project funder

Macmillan Cancer Support 2008

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Complex Healthcare Processes
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