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Research project: COASt (foot): Clinical outcomes in knee arthroplasty and biomechanical foot and ankle assessment

Currently Active: 

The objectives of this study are to determine whether clinical foot and ankle measures are useful in predicting patient reported outcomes following Total Knee Replacement (TKR). The study supports training of an Arthritis Research fellow, Lucy gates to complete her PhD.

A prospective cohort of patients’ pre and post TKR will be assessed to determine musculoskeletal foot and ankle status. We will perform a baseline, 6 week and 12 month post-op data collection on a cohort of patients. An established Clinical Outcomes in Arthroplasty Study (COASt) cohort will be utilised.

There are a number of validated scores for measuring the outcomes of TKR, with a predominant focus on pain, function, recreational activity and knee related quality of life. However, very little attention is focused on the effects of the distal joints in the kinematic chain. The aim of this project is to determine whether clinical foot and ankle measures are useful in predicting objective functional and patient reported outcomes following knee arthroplasty. During the project a Delphi exercise will be used to obtain consensus from International experts in the field of musculoskeletal practice that will further enhance robust assessment of the foot and ankle within this patient group.

Expected Outcomes: 1) The identification of a core set of clinical musculoskeletal foot and ankle assessments.
2) The determination of the contribution foot and ankle assessments provide to the prediction of patient
outcomes following TKR.

Anticipated benefits: Data collected will help us to identify if foot and ankle status contributes to the prediction of outcomes for knee replacement. Findings may inform the use of foot and ankle assessment within current TKR care pathways and may potentially aid in enhancing the successful outcomes of TKR.

Funder: Arthritis Research UK

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Total Knee Replacement

Foot and ankle assessment

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