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Research project: Exploring and developing the evidence base for skin hygiene practices and emollient therapy in the reduction of skin vulnerability - Dormant - Dormant

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The promotion of skin integrity remains one of the most common challenges facing nurses in every sphere of practice. This programme seeks to explore the evidence base that underpins current practice, and to engage in empirical work to move this fundamental area of nursing care forward.


The aims of this programme of study are:

  • To review the available evidence for current nursing practices in the maintenance of skin barrier function and the prevention of skin breakdown.
  • To investigate the effects on skin barrier function of current nursing practices with respect to: skin hygiene, and use of emollients.
  • To investigate the risk factors and physiological mechanisms that contribute to skin breakdown.
  • To develop and clinically test improved nursing interventions for the promotion of skin health.
  • To inform nursing practice by the dissemination of the evidence generated in peer reviewed journals, conferences, and incorporation into local / national care guidelines.


Experimental methods including RCT.

Main outcomes

  • A systematic review of the literature on the subject of skin hygiene, and the factors that contribute to skin breakdown.
  • The investigation of the effectiveness of current nursing skin care interventions with respect to; skin hygiene, and emollient therapy, and the effect of these on skin health.
  • An evaluation of these nursing interventions in the care of patients at risk of skin breakdown, and the incorporation of this evidence into skin care guidelines. 

Project team

David Voegeli 

Project funder

Smith and Nephew Foundation

Related research groups

Active Living and Rehabilitation
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