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Health Sciences

Jasmine Kinsey BSc (Hons) Healthcare Sciences, Third year

Jasmine Kinsey's Photo

Hi, I am Jasmine Kinsey and I'm currently studying BSc (Hons) Healthcare Sciences.

Southampton has always had an amazing reputation, especially for clinical courses. When I visited Southampton on various open days, it really did live up to its high expectations

Why did choose to come and study at Southampton?

Southampton has always had an amazing reputation, especially for clinical courses. When I visited Southampton on various open days, it really did live up to its high expectations. The facilities that it has to offer for students is just brilliant, including its 24-hour library, one to one study sessions and study workshops. That’s what sold it to me.

What were you anxious about before coming to Southampton?

Before attending Southampton, I was really anxious about moving far away from home into a new city where I didn’t know anyone. It made me anxious thinking about moving in in with new people and whether we would all get along. Also, the thought of having to balance home-life and work-life without the help of family members was very daunting.

Once at Southampton, how were your fears overcome?

As soon as I met my flatmates and course colleagues my mind was put at rest, they all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home.

The help from staff members was incredible, especially from my tutors, they instantly made me felt relaxed and ensured me that they would do all they could to guide me through my years to come at uni. In a way it made me feel like I had a new family away from home. The study sessions that the uni have to offer are really helpful academically and mentally. They put me on the right track when it came to writing assignments and knowing what was expected of me, I never felt like I was tackling a piece of work completely on my own.

What is it like studying here?

Studying Healthcare Sciences at Southampton is so inspiring. We have had the opportunity to meet lectures which come from all different professions and backgrounds which have lead us onto new career paths and opened up our minds to new business opportunities.

The amount of placement time that we have during our 3 years at Southampton is brilliant. It enables us to prepare for the future and trains us to become the best healthcare scientists that we can be, so that when we graduate, we will be competent to start working straight away.

Southampton uni has such a “community” feel to it, everyone is so friendly and it makes the campus a very safe environment to be in.

How do you rate study facilities at the University?

The 24 hour library is accommodating to students with all different lifestyles, enabling students to study whenever we feel is right for us.

The campus is not only a place to work, but also a place to enjoy with friends, it has various coffee shops to relax in between lectures and also has an amazing sports centre which includes a swimming pool and sports hall; this is a perfect way to unwind and get involved with new sports clubs.

There are always rooms available for students to complete group work with access to computers, this makes it easy to organise presentations and assignments.

The printing and copying facilities are really easy to use and are available 24/7 which is such a bonus.

What have been your Southampton ‘highlights’ (best experiences) so far?

The wide range of social groups at Southampton has enabled me to meet different groups of friends which has given me a social life whilst at university.

Placement has been the biggest highlight for me, giving me an insight into my future career as a cardia physiologist and also giving me the opportunity to work in various hospitals alongside lots of different professions. The patients that I come across each day on placement really motivate and inspire me to be the best I can be.

How has your time at Southampton helped you to grow as a person?

Coming to Southampton has made me become a more mature person. It gave me the opportunity to improve certain life skills such as taking control of my education and learning how to handle situations that I used to find difficult, such as being in an interview and interacting with people I’ve never met before.

Living with new people has enabled me to become more confident by teaching me to interact with people from different cultures and different personalities.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

Definitely placement. It makes me feel like I am working towards my dream career of doing something that I love.

Did you stay in University accommodation?

I stayed in halls of residence during first year of university which has 24 hour security and support which made it feel like a very safe environment.

Choosing to stay in halls of residence was the reason that I made so many different friends and settled in so quickly. My flatmates and I have found friends in each other for life.

What is the city of Southampton like to live in?

Southampton has everything that a person would want from a city, it has great night life, great restaurants a great activities such as a theatre. My friends and parents love visiting me in Southampton and I would recommend it as a place to live or even just a little get away to anybody.

What one word sums up how you feel about your experiences so far at Southampton?

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