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Cardiac Physiology Placements

Where are my placements likely to be?

We have a range of placements across the country and we would work with you to discuss your preferences and maximise your clinical experience. Cardiac Physiology students do not go on placement in private organisations or out into the community.

What areas of practice will be included in my placements?

You will undertake clinical placements in NHS cardiac departments, which will be able to provide you with the full range of practice experiences required by the relevant bodies. At least one of your placements will be spent in one of the large teaching hospitals.

How am I supervised?

You will be supervised by a practice supervisor from the cardiac department who has been trained by us to look after you. You will have access to your practice supervisor and your university tutor throughout your placement.

How am I assessed?

Throughout your placements you will have to work successfully for 1,875 hours and demonstrate competencies in a range of areas to the satisfaction of your practice supervisor. As and when you are successful your practice supervisor will officially 'sign off' each competency on a form that is then sent back to the University.

How are my placements allocated?

Your three placements are pre-planned by us under our 'fair-shares' model depending on your circumstances. That means we'll always take into account where you live, whether you have children under 12 years old or dependent relatives, and whether you have access to a car. You'll be given a form to disclose all the relevant factors.

Can I change a placement?

Only a certain number of placements are available, so changes will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis factoring in the impact on other students.

What hours will I work?

You will be expected to work the normal shift pattern of the organisation to which you are sent.

How will I get to my placements?

It is your responsibility to get to and from your placements. Having a car is a very good idea, especially for commuting between accommodation and placement.

What if I am ill or have an emergency?

If you cannot get to your placement on any given day you must contact your place of work as soon as possible and email your academic tutor to inform him or her about your absence.

How do I make up the hours if I am absent?

Any hours missed on placement will need to be recovered on placement.

Photo of Daniela Charles
Meeting qualified cardiac physiologists at Southampton on my first year placement has really inspired me. Being able to see people who have been through the same pathway and how far they have come is motivating.
Daniela Charles , BSc (Hons) Cardiac Physiology, 2021

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