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The University of Southampton
Health Sciences

Team up with our talented students

Here at Health Sciences we appreciate that healthcare delivery in the 21st century operates within a complex political, economic and social environment

This environment presents many challenges and requires talented individuals who can understand this complexity and work with others to deliver quality health services.

That is why our BSc (Hons) Healthcare: Management, Policy and Research (HMPR) degree has been designed to equip students with a detailed understanding of the policy and research landscape in healthcare delivery.

Also, HMPR students will learn the essential skills required to effect change and improve healthcare systems and quality.

This four year programme includes a one year work experience placement with a high quality employer to give students the confidence and competence to make a successful start to their careers.

Currently, we are looking for employers working in the field of healthcare policy, research and management, to offer stimulating paid work placements where these students can gain real-life work experience.

Placement Providers

Join the employers we already work with:

Leadership Academy
Health Foundation

What are the benefits to my organisation?

There are many reasons to employ one of our talented students...

High quality individuals:

Our student interns will provide up-to-date skills and academic thinking enabling them to identify, investigate, understand and solve real problems in healthcare delivery and design. They will bring fresh perspectives to challenges and can also support existing staff to deliver greater productivity.

Flexible human resources:

Our student interns will be highly skilled and motivated to support both your short term project needs and day-to-day activities without long term time and cost commitment.

Find future employees:

Work placements act as a recruiting tool that allows you to find and trial potential talent that could bring a long term benefit to your organisation. Internships provide a pipeline of future employees who understand your organisation and who have already forged relationships with other staff.

Support students and the local community:

Internships are an excellent way to give back to your local community and enhance the local workforce. By offering a placement you will also raise your visibility at the University of Southampton and promote your organisation's positive image within the community.


How does it work in practice?

Find out how offering a placement will work in practice...

Placement duration

We are looking for employers who are prepared to offer a paid placement within their organisation. The placement should enable students to develop their skills and gain knowledge of working in the area of health and social care delivery and organisation. Ideally placements will last for a minimum of 30 weeks although shorter placements may also be of interest to some students if they can combine it with another short placement in order to obtain 30 weeks experience overall.


The University will support the placement from the very beginning of the process to maximise the benefits for both you and the student. With all placements we will seek confirmation nine months ahead of the placement as to how many positions your organisation will be able to offer to students on our programme. We will then seek a job description from you and post it onto our secure network for students to review. Our staff will work with students to prepare them for employment and support the application process. It will be up to your organisation to decide between applicants.


The process will be further supported by agreements between the University and your organisation to define the policies and procedures for monitoring and supporting the students during the placement.

Offering a placement

If you are interested in offering a placement to students on the BSc (Hons) Healthcare: Management, Policy and Research then please contact:

Dr Jane Prichard, Programme Lead

Tel: 023 8059 7956


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