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The University of Southampton
Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU)

1-m Horizontal vibrator

This single-axis human-rated electro-hydraulic vibrator is used to provide horizontal oscillation.

It is capable of reproducing arbitrary time histories with peak-to-peak displacements up to 1 metre and peak accelerations up to 10 ms-2 with frequency content from 0 to 50 Hz. The platform size is 1 m x 1.75 m.

The vibrator is used for fundamental and applied research in areas including human perception of vibration, postural stability, human body impedance, seat performance, and motion sickness.

The vibrator is also used for testing seats for cars, trucks, off-road machinery, rail vehicles, marine craft and aerospace environments according to current standards (e.g. ISO 7096, 78/764/EEC) or the specific requirements of the customer.

1–m Horizontal vibrator

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