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The University of Southampton
Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU)

Kistler Gaitway Treadmill

Walking on the treadmill Gaitway measures the vertical ground reaction force and the center of pressure (COP) of consecutive strides in walking and running. The treadmill simplifies the challenges associated with force plate targeting found in conventional walkway systems.

The Gaitway software automatically calculates more than 25 gait parameters (e.g. step length, step width, contact time, COP in the medio-lateral direction etc.). The force measurements allow for calculation of force, centre of pressure (COP), and temporal (time-based) gait parameters. Data from auxiliary devices such as EMG and goniometers can be collected via the treadmill data acquisition card and synchronized with the force data.

The treadmill is used for fundamental research into gait analysis and postural stability. It is used to provide a walking task for subjects exposed to whole-body vibration.

Please click the video below to watch a walking subject exposed to lateral vibration.

Treadmill video
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