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The University of Southampton
Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU)

Current and recently completed PhD projects in the HFRU

Current PhD projects

ResearcherProject title
Chi Liu Biodynamics of the seated human body with vertical excitation: Dynamic pressure distributions and vibration modes 
Faisal Shahzad Multi-body biodynamic modelling
Giulia Patelli Discomfort from whole-body vibration and shock in high speed marine craft 
Hui Zhou Modelling of vehicle-seat-occupant dynamic system to predict ride quality and handling stability
James Arnold Ride comfort in vehicles with ultra-lightweight transmission and driveline
Khairil Anas Md Rezali Minimising hand-arm vibration syndrome by modelling and measuring the biodynamic responses of the hand and the fingers 
Mingming Yang Biodynamic modeling of the lumbar spine when subjects are exposed to high magnitude vibration and shock 
Phill Moxley Human responses to horizontal and rotational vibration from 1 to 20 Hz 
Sara Rubio Simulation of the vehicle environment (multi-axis vibration, sound and vission) for lightweight vehicles
Sue Ann Seah Cutaneous temperature perception at the fingertips 

Recently completed PhD projects

Researcher Project title  Year
Xiaolu Zhang Modelling the dynamic interaction between the human body and car seats 2014
Zhen Zhou Subjective and biodynamic responses of seated subjects exposed to whole-body vertical vibration at low frequencies 2014
Yu Huang Human response to combined noise and vibration 2013
Ying Ye Pacinian channel mediated vasoconstriction in the fingers during vibration exposure 2013
Bazil Basri Predicting ride comfort with reclined seats 2012
George Beard Discomfort of seated persons exposed to low frequency lateral and roll motion 2012
Guangtai Zheng Biodynamics of the seated human body with dual axis excitation: nonlinearity and cross-axis coupling 2012
Mujde Sari Postural stability when walking and exposed to lateral oscillations 2012
Olivier Thuong Predicting the vibration discomfort of standing passengers in transport 2011
Martin Toward Factors affecting the dynamic response of the body and the vibration transmitted through seats 2010
Cheng Gu Mechanoreceptor channels at the sole of the foot 2010
Nazim Gizem Forta Vibration intensity difference thresholds 2009
Cedric Gallais Effect of vibration exposure duration on discomfort 2008
Lenka Gallais Low back pain and risk factors for low back pain in car drivers 2008
Ya Huang Mechanism of nonlinear biodynamic response of the human body exposed to whole-body vibration 2008
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