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President - Henry Tyrrell

The President is legally responsible for the running of the Society. He/She, with the advice and aid of the Vice President, sets the Society’s agenda and long-term strategic goals. The President chairs committee meetings and works with individual committee members and sub-committees to ensure they carry out their work to a high standard.

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Vice President - Amy Gill

The Vice President is there to support all other committee members, including the President, in their roles. He/She works closely with the President to set the Society’s long-term agenda and aims. Together they aid the other committee members in carrying out their tasks on time and to the best of their ability. When the President is unavailable in the short-term (e.g. holidays), the Vice President retains executive control.

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Secretary  - Jess Frost

The role of the Secretary is to keep on top of all Society business. This includes keeping detailed minutes of all meetings and controlling the Society’s social media presence and email account. He/She may also take on their own discrete projects over the year.

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Treasurer - George Bennett

The Treasurer is in charge of the Society’s accounts and funds. He/She will ensure all Society money is accounted for and spent appropriately in the best interest of the Society’s members. The Treasurer is in charge of applying to SUSU for extra funds.

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Social Secretaries - Lou Cokell and Tom Davies

The two Social Secs are in charge of putting on a range of events throughout the year to ensure that HistSoc has a fun-filled and memorably year. They are also in charge or negotiating deals with pubs, clubs and other establishments in Southampton to go with the HistSoc membership card.

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Welfare Office - Joe McArdle

The Welfare Officer is in charge of the Society’s Health and Safety throughout the year. This will include risk assessing the major events, such as tours abroad. However, his/her main duties are acting as heading up as the History Peer Mentors, as required by the Humanities Peer Mentoring Officer, and leading the Society’s employability agenda.

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Sports Reps - James Eddinton and Suzie Kanca

The two Sports Reps are in control of HistSoc’s excellent sports teams. The work closely with the team captains to ensure teams are entered into the intramural league, that teams are entered into various other competitions throughout the year (notably the Summer Tournament) and that regular training sessions are held. They also work with the teams’ captains and social secs to put on the infamous Joint Sports Socials.

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This year HistSoc plans to come back louder and prouder than ever. We want to become a vocal representative of history students on campus, making sure that you get the university experience that you want. We will liaise closely with SUSU, course reps, and other societies, which we hope will bring you the diverse and dynamic university life that we all came here for. We want a HistSoc that is sensitive to the needs of history students but to do this we need your help. So if you have any suggestions or comments please drop us a line. This is YOUR society… be part of it!

The AGM will take place in April/May 2016. This is where you can get the opportunity to hear about what HistSoc has achieved throughout the year. It also gives you the chance to become part of the HistSoc Committee for the academic year 2016/17.


Intramural is a great opportunity to play sport, for people of any level, and the Histsoc sports teams give you a chance to meet people on your course as well as have a great time playing and socialising. We currently have netball, football and badminton teams. If you are interested in getting involved, join our Facebook page: Histsoc Sports 2015/16 for info on our different teams!


This is the side that HistSoc is known for! Throughout the year the HistSoc committee will be working extremely hard to make sure that we all have an amazing time through a variety of events and nights out, not to mention some unforgettable trips abroad! 

In previous years HistSoc has put on some of the best socials known to Portswood. There have been a wide variety of themes, challenges, and locations. Not only can HistSoc provide messy nights out, we also host classy balls, one joint with the rest of Humanities at Christmas and our own HistSoc Summer Ball, both of which are always a huge success.


The trips abroad are an excellent way to add a little bit of culture and historical value to our society, not to mention the taste of international nightlife. Previous trips have included Paris, Prague, and Budapest. These trips are not to be missed!


Whilst the majority of your time at the University of Southampton will be fantastic, there may be moments when you are feeling low, in trouble or in need of someone to talk to. The History Society wants to be able to do its part in helping you out if you are in need of some support.

Peer Mentoring

The success of our buddy scheme a couple of years ago inspired the Faculty of Humanities to set-up a faculty wide Peer Mentoring Scheme.  All first year students have now been assigned two mentors from second and third year.  If you experience any problems settling into your life at university then please contact your mentors.  They may be able to offer some advice from their personal experiences and will also be able to help you find the right kind of support from the more specialised services provided by the university and SUSU.

This year the Committee want to keep careers on the radar for the history students and we are working with the History Department and Faculty of Humanities to do this.  We aim to give you a chance to work closely with the Careers and Employability Service to find out how to successfully complete online applications, write CVs, and perform well in interviews and network with employers.  We are organising event when you can speak to lecturers about postgraduate study and research.

The committee look forward to meeting you all soon!

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