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Photo of Bradley  Barnes
I have loved absolutely every minute of my degree programme. Not only has the programme allowed me to pursue a passion, it has also nurtured my own personal development, both as a ‘historian’ and as an individual.
Bradley Barnes - BA History, MRes History
Photo of Alex Cunningham
The most enjoyable part of my degree is the opportunity to undertake original research with a group of people who are equally as passionate about the subject.
Alex Cunningham - MA Jewish History and Culture
Photo of Sam Dedman
I knew as soon as I arrived on Highfield during one of the Open Days that this was the place that I wanted to study. The fact that the History Department was so diverse also helped a great deal – especially since I didn’t know at the time what period of History I wanted to specialise in!
Sam Dedman - BA History, 3rd year
Photo of John Ellis
I’m having to learn to express my research in a way which satisfies the demanding academic standards. But my supervisor is very supportive and I’m enjoying getting to grips with the subject. I would encourage anyone to consider taking a PhD in a subject that really interests them. It’s incredibly stimulating and very rewarding.
John Ellis - PhD History
Photo of Karen Fielder
When the PhD is over, I’m hoping to use the skills I’ve learned through work and study in an area such as heritage consultancy.
Karen Fielder - PhD History
Photo of Amy Gill
I wanted to study at Southampton because it is a Russell Group University, has a diverse history department and I loved the friendliness and community.
Amy Gill - BA History, Third Year
Photo of Emma Kelleher
Southampton has offered me diversity in my studies and in my involvement in societies.
Emma Kelleher - BA History
Photo of Joseph Lee
I instantly became fond of Southampton because of the combination of professionalism and friendliness in the staff.
Joseph Lee - BA Archaeology and History
Photo of Jessica Luff
Southampton has a great community of people. Both the students and lecturers are intellectual people, but also not pretentious making them easily approachable. It is a university with a perfect balance between the two.
Jessica Luff - BA History, Third year
Photo of Jenny Mejia-Cevallos
Throughout my two years here I have found myself studying Spanish, Iranian and British history which has expanded my knowledge and awareness of current affairs. I think that it’s really rewarding when you feel as though you have a grasp on a whole period of history, that you can link to the present.
Jenny Mejia-Cevallos - BA History
Photo of Mitesh Mistry
My course has allowed me to use ancient and modern material to evaluate and question the events of the past - to see how the ancient world has influenced our modern lives as well as the parallels we can draw is fascinating.
Mitesh Mistry - Ancient History, Second year
Photo of Paul Ovenden
... it has lived up to my hopes, with excellent, informed teaching, lively discussion and the very best resources with which to work. Indeed, I have enjoyed it so much that I would love to go back and take two or three more subjects!
Paul Ovenden - BA English and History
Photo of Rhiannon Owen
I love the variety in the course. The hardest part is actually choosing what to study. I’ve studied a range of modules from the very modern America’s War on Terror to Medieval Castles.
Rhiannon Owen - BA English and History
Photo of Alex Rogers
A degree in history gives you an impressive set of skills, which you can apply in any area. After graduating, I hope to work in investment banking... to this end, I have just spent the summer working as an intern in the investment management department of a private bank in London.
Alex Rogers - BA History
Photo of Sheila Thomas
My specific area of research also means that I have close contacts with other disciplines within the University.
Sheila Thomas - MRes History

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