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Human Resources

Changing jobs or contract type

This page explains the different processes that apply when an existing staff member or casual/agency worker is changing jobs or contract type within the University:


Description Steps/Line Manager Actions

Standard Recruitment

Appoint staff member who applied via e-Recruit

The offer will be made via e-Recruit as per the standard recruitment process, with the following differences:

  • The employee does not need to resign and their line manager does not need to submit a leaver request
  • Employment references will not be requested
  • A Health Declaration doesn’t need to be completed (unless a high level of clearance is required)

Internal selection process

Appoint staff member following internal selection process

  1. If staff member is being appointed to a new post complete Step 2. If post already exists skip to Step 3
  2. Complete the OSRF: 'Internal Transfer New Post Request' on e-Recruit to request the creation of a new post. Move to Step 3 once you're notified that the post has been created.
  3. raise an Internal Transfer HR request to move the individual to the new role.
  4. When completing this form you will need to provide the OSRF number (if the post is new), the job description and the finance sub-project code.

Permanently appoint

Permanently appoint staff member who is on a fixed term contract or secondment

Complete a Change from Fixed Term to Permanent HR request to permanently appoint the employee in that role.

Note such contractual changes will require prior discussion and agreement at a faculty/departmental level.

Casual to Staff

Transfer casual worker or agency worker to a staff contract

  1. Complete the OSRF: Recruitment Request on e-Recruit to gain required approvals and create the new type of post for the individual.
  2. Select “Yes” against the field “Named Researcher” and provide the details of the individual.
  3. The individual will be asked to complete a short online application form.
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