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Cycle to work scheme

Just Rid-e from Cyclescheme

Just Rid-e allows you to try an eBike for 14 days and return, if you do not want to keep it. Partnered with Pure Electric Southampton, Just Rid-e allows you to choose any eBike from their store up to £2,500, while spreading the cost and making savings through our salary sacrifice cycle to work scheme.

When applying please select one of the "Just Rid-e" schemes from our list of available schemes.

Find out more about Just Rid-e

The University offers a cycle to work scheme for staff run by Cyclescheme. This scheme gives you the opportunity to take advantage of tax and National Insurance savings on the purchase of a bike, while keeping fit and contributing to a greener economy.

Can I take participate in the cycle to work scheme?

You are eligible if you:

Where can I shop with Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme has the widest network of any cycle to work scheme with the broadest and deepest range of retailers and shopping options.

If you're a deal hunter and know what you're looking for, why not check out Cyclescheme's save-on-sale stores, or, the Cyclescheme offers area.

Cyclescheme offers participants an 'any bike guarantee'. This means that if your new bike of choice is available in a UK retailer - they will help get it for you.  Contact Cyclescheme for assistance.

How much can I spend on a bike and equipment?

The maximum value of a Cyclescheme voucher is £2,500.

How much will I save if I take part in the cycle to work scheme?

Once you have a quote for the bike and safety equipment, you can visit the Cyclescheme website and use the savings calculator (If required, our employer code is 18448c).

Please note the online savings calculator does not include the 3% + VAT end of hire payment taken from your salary at the end of the hire period, which at most would be £90. Please speak to Geraldine Witt in the Reward, Recognition and Inclusion Team via email, telephone 02380 594054, extension 24054, if you have any questions.

Please note that the University does not participate in Cyclescheme’s Extended Use Agreement

How do I apply for the cycle to work scheme?

  1. Go to our Cyclescheme portal and find your local or online retailer (if required, our scheme code is 18448c);
  2. Obtain a quote from the bike shop for your preferred bike and/or safety equipment;
  3. Request a voucher via Cyclescheme's website, including the bike make, model, cost and details of any equipment;
  4. Sign the electronic hire agreement;
  5. Your eligibility to take part in the scheme will be checked by the Reward, Recognition and Inclusion Team and if you meet the criteria your application will be approved;
  6. You will receive an email from Geraldine Witt, Reward, Recognition and Inclusion Team ( or to confirm the outcome of your application;
  7. Cyclescheme issue a voucher to you via email, often on the same day as approval (to the email you used to register);
  8. You take the voucher to your bike shop (or email if online retailers) and exchange it for the bike and/or safety equipment;
  9. The salary sacrifice payments begin at the next available pay date and continues for the period specified in your electronic hire agreement;
  10. Insure your bike!  Book your free six week service with the store you purchased your bike.

Cycle Storage

University staff can use the cycle stores and external hoops at all sites. Cycle stores are accessed using your University ID card.  The cost is usually £5 for the year but free to cycle to work scheme participants for the first year.  To take up this offer please visit the unilink office located in Building 57 (above the Students Union shop) and show your cycle to work scheme confirmation email from Reward & Recognition. 

Visit the Transport website for more information or the links below.

View all Cycle parking locations (provided by Southampton Open Data service)

Terms and conditions of using the cycle stores (PDF)

Map of the cycle stores across the university campus (PDF)

Photos of the different cycle store facilities (PDF)

Insure your bike (Cycleguard and BikeRegister)  

Save 15% on your bike insurance through Cyclescheme’s partnership with Cycleguard.

The University strongly recommends that the bike and safety equipment are insured as soon as collected from the store.  Register your bike onto a national database with BikeRegister to increase the chance of being reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen.  This does not help to make it a less desirable target for thieves.  As such, we offer free BikeRegister QR Code labels that provide your bike with a visual deterrent to potential thieves.   To register, take your bike to the Security office in Building 32.  

The University works closely with the Police to both inform cyclists of the need to secure their bike and deter would-be thieves from operating on our campuses. It is advisable that cyclists use the University's cycle stores and only use 'D Type' locks for security (these can be purchased at a discounted rate at the Uni-link Office).  

For advice on bicycle theft prevention, please download the 'Security tips for cyclists' leaflet.

Join the Love to Ride network

Love to Ride is a fun, free programme with fantastic prizes available for riding your bike and encouraging others to do so too.  You can find out more and register quickly and easily on the Southampton section of the Love to Ride website – remember to select University of Southampton (Staff) as your organisation so your rides count towards our statistics. Through the platform, colleagues can set goals, record rides, earn badges and unlock competitions and discounts.  Join at the website:

Serious Cycle Scheme - Free legal protection for cyclists

Automatic membership for all University staff, their family and friends to a scheme for cyclists which provides up to £150,000 of cover for legal costs should they be involved in a road traffic accident.  Visit the website for further information and to get your Membership Certificate for safe keeping along with exclusive access to offers, discounts and competitions for members.

Bike Doctor

We provide regular Bike Doctor visits where you can get your bike checked and tuned for free (you may be asked to pay for replacement parts but all work is carried out for free). 

Dates and locations for upcoming Bike Dr sessions can be found on the Transport website.

Safety and Security

For your own safety please insure that you are visible (especially when riding in the dark).

Reflective snap bands, bag covers, LED lights, helmets and locks are available in the Unilink office located in Building 57 and the Students Union shop.

The University works closely with the Police to both inform cyclists of the need to secure their bike and deter would-be thieves from operating on our campuses. It is advisable that cyclists use the University's cycle stores and only use 'D Type' locks for security (these can be purchased at a discounted rate at the Uni-link Office).  

For advice on bicycle theft prevention, please download the 'Security tips for cyclists' leaflet.

What happens at the end of the hire agreement?  

The Reward, Recognition and Inclusion Team will contact you towards the end of the hire agreement regarding transfer of ownership: Where the University will offer you the opportunity of buying your bicycle and equipment at a nominal fee of 3% +VAT of the original value.  As 3% of the original value is lower than the HMRC's recommended percentage you will be required to pay tax on the difference between 3% of the original value and the HMRC recommended percentage of original value.  At the end of the financial tax year, a P11d form will be completed by Payroll to tell HMRC about the value of any 'benefits in kind' you have received during the tax year.  A copy of the form will be sent to both you and HMRC.  HMRC will then take this matter into account when calculating the tax code for the new financial year. Further details can be found here.  Please note that the University does not participate in Cyclescheme’s Extended Use Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Cyclescheme FAQs here and further information is in the sections below.

Do I have to ride the bike to work everyday?

What happens if I leave the University?

Once signed, the hire agreement may not be cancelled following a cooling-off period of 7 working days following collection of the goods. This means that if you leave during the hire period the remaining salary sacrifice amount will be taken from your net pay, i.e. without any tax exemptions. We may also ask you to pay a fair market value to transfer the ownership of the bike to you.

What happens if the bike is lost or stolen?

It is strongly recommended that you take out insurance on the bike, or make sure your home contents insurance covers the bike. If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, as long as you replace the bike and continue to use it mainly for commuting purposes, the University can continue to take the salary sacrifice reductions from your gross salary.  This means that you can still take advantage of the Income Tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) savings.

If your bike is stolen before it has been paid for, and it is not replaced, this unfortunately constitutes the end of your hire agreement and any outstanding salary sacrifice repayments will be taken from your net pay.  For this reason, Cyclescheme strongly recommends that scheme participants insure the bicycle and safety equipment as soon as they collect it from the store. 

If your bike has been stolen, please email our Cyclescheme account manager, copying and Geraldine Witt with the following information:

The University may also ask you to pay a fair market value to transfer the ownership of the bike to you.

Will taking up the cycle to work scheme affect my pensionable salary?

No, your pension is calculated on your basic pay before any salary sacrifice reductions are made.

What can I get on the cycle to work scheme?

You can get whatever you need to keep you in the saddle and cycle commuting regularly. Including any type of bike, e-bike or cycle with at least 2 wheels. 

The only cycle to work scheme exceptions are:

Everything else is allowable. For example:

Anything that is going to help you and your bike arrive at work (warm, safe and secure) are essentially allowable.

Please note: You cannot get micro-scooters or any type of motorised vehicle on the cycle to work scheme.

Can I redeem my Cyclescheme certificate at Halfords?

You can't redeem your certificate at Halfords, but can redeem it at Tredz.

I have changed my mind - can I cancel my Cyclescheme voucher?

Please contact Geraldine Witt, Reward and Recognition Officer, via email

Temporary reduction in cycle commuting usage through the scheme.

Please see Cyclescheme and Government update (17 December 2020) here.

Protecting your data

The University's employee privacy notice contains a reference on pages 6 and 7 to data being shared for benefits purposes.

Cyclescheme Limited. Part of Blackhawk Network (Europe) Limited & Subsidiaries (“Blackhawk”) Privacy Notice Version 1.1 (published on 10/08/2018).

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