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The University of Southampton
Human Resources

Form store

Various HR-related forms and templates can be downloaded from the list below. Please ensure that you have consulted the relevant policies or guidance ( found in the Topics A-Z) before using these forms. You can also contact Ask HR for advice.

Most HR forms are now available as online HR Requests on ServiceNow.

For forms which don’t yet have an Online HR Request please download a copy from the list below.  Once completed and approved, please submit to HR by 'raising a new issue' on ServiceNow, attaching a scanned or electronic copy to the ticket (look for the paperclip icon in the top right of the window).



Form - Application for domestic or compassionate leave

Form - Application for flexible working

Form - Application for reduced working hours

Form - Change to a senior appointment (HR4A)

Form - Confirmation of financial support for external training

Form - End of FTC consultation record

Form - Flexi-time attendance record (timesheet)

Form - Leave of absence request (academic)

Form - Management referral to occupational health (A2)

Form - Nomination for Emeritus Professor or Fellow

Form - Tier 5 Personal CoS Details Form

Form - Exceptional Recruitment Panel Template

Form - Relocation expenses claim

Form - Work experience acceptance (example)



Template - Academic CV

Template - Annual review for Level 1-3, clinical staff and research nurses (PPDR)

Template - Faculty Directorate Level Recruitment Review Panel

Template - Faculty Directorate Level Recruitment Review Panel Regrade

Template - Probation report Level 1-3

Template - Probation report Level 4-6 (excl lecturers)

Template - Return From Sickness Absence - Local Interview Record

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