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Induction explained

An effective programme of induction will help to ensure that new employees settle in well and quickly gain an understanding of the University, its policies, procedures and culture. All new employees must be provided with an effective programme of induction in their first weeks of employment. This includes local induction activities as well as University induction days and welcome events.

A good induction programme should ideally be tailored to address the specific needs of each new employee. As a minimum an induction programme should include: a physical tour of the office or department; a guide to the University's overall structure; an explanation of how the new employee fits into the team, the team's goals and how the new employee will contribute to them; introductions with key people; key Health and Safety information; and a clear outline of the employee's job requirements and key terms and conditions of their employment.

The University has an Induction Portal to guide new employees and line managers through induction.

The University's induction policy, guidance and an Induction Checklist are available under 'Related documents', below.

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