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Grading and Career Development - Job Re-evaluation

If the duties of a post change significantly since being matched to its existing evaluated grade, an application for re-evaluation may be appropriate. In the majority of cases, this would be as a result of broader changes within a department or team and is less common for isolated roles. Therefore any application for re-evaluation must be endorsed by both the post holder and line management and be supported by an appropriately authorised business case.

Potential outcomes of an application for re-evaluation

It would be unrealistic to expect that every job submitted for re-evaluation will achieve the expected outcome or that all employees will be satisfied with the outcome. Having reviewed the submitted job description, the panel may determine:

Line management must then decide what action to take, which may include:

If a change of grade is determined, Line Managers must action the regrade by submitting the Online HR Request - Regrade which can be found in the Form Store. It should be noted that the final decision and authority to apply the outcome of an application to regrade sits with line management.

There is no formal right of appeal to the outcome of the Job Evaluation Panel’s decision.

Please contact your HR Business Partner to discuss job descriptions before submission to be re-evaluated by the Panel. In some cases, amendments to job descriptions may not be significant or substantial enough to warrant going to Panel or be considered for re-evaluation.


Guidance on submitting a job description to the Job Evaluation Panel for re-evaluation

Job Description Author:  Name - Job Title    
Evaluated by: Job Evaluation Panel Date evaluated:  DD/MM/YYYY 
Career Pathway: ERE/MSA/TAE/CAO Evaluated Grade:  
Unique Reference Number: Provided by Job Evaluation Panel      
Amended: Y/N? Date amended: DD/MM/YYYY
Amendment Author Name - Job Title    
Re-evaluated: Y/N? Date re-evaluated: DD/MM/YYYY

Writing a business case to support request for re-grade

It is particularly important for line management authorisers to address, as part of the business case to support the re-evaluation;

The business case for re-evaluation will be submitted to and authorised by Faculty Management Teams prior to submission of the job description to the Job Evaluation Panel. The role of the UEB level member of faculty management teams and HR Business Partners in this process is to ensure sight of and consistency with University wide practice and strategic workforce planning.

Business case template for job evaluation (requests for regrade)

Job Evaluation Organogram/Structure Chart Template

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