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Managing performance


With effect from 1st August 2023, the information on this page has been replaced by the University’s new Employment Procedures and Guidance.

The information on these pages will only be applicable if you are involved in a formal procedure which started prior to 1st August 2023.

Performance management is fundamental to our effectiveness in today’s environment as each member of our staff can make a difference. Collectively, performing at high levels can help us survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Performance management consists of two parallel processes. The first is the informal, day-to-day management of staff and teams by their immediate line manager. The second is the formal framework within which the performance of individuals and teams is assessed and improved. The two processes are mutually supportive and depend on the same factors for success.

Effective performance management relies on the quality of the supervisory and people management skills of those responsible for managing staff.

Our policies and procedures provide a fair and consistent way of dealing with performance management. Further information to support managers is also available.

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