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Paternity leave

Paternity leave is the time you are able to take off work because your partner is having a baby or you are adopting a child together. You might be eligible for both Ordinary Paternity Leave and up to 50 weeks Shared Parental Leave subject to certain conditions.

Our paternity policy (see 'Related documents' below) provides further guidance about your statutory rights, eligibility and how to take paternity leave.

You should notify HR of your intention to take paternity leave via an Online HR Request.

We recognise you may have questions or concerns relating to your paternity rights. We encourage open discussion to ensure that questions and problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. We recommend you clarify the relevant procedures with your line manager and AskHR as necessary.

In addition to these provisions, the Parents' and Carers' Network (P&CN) aims to support the working lives of colleagues who also have off-campus responsibilities, looking after children or adults unable to care for themselves due to old age or disability.

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