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Appraisal for employees at Levels 1 to 3, clinical staff and research nurses

Each year, all University staff should take part in a meeting with their immediate manager to discuss aspects of work performance. The objective of the meeting is to review your previous year’s achievements and to discuss any future training, development and career planning relevant to you and the University.

This meeting should be regarded both as a stocktaking exercise and a springboard. Continuous dialogue throughout the year between you and your manager should inform the agenda of the review meeting. The outcome of the discussion should be a clear plan for both you and your manager in terms of taking action to ensure that you are enabled to achieve your full potential in the work you carry out for us. In turn, the outcome of any review meeting may inform a decision about recognition.

The annual performance review process at Southampton is supported by policy, guidance and appraisal templates which support a fair and consistent framework across all staff. These documents can be found in the 'Related documents' section below.

For clinical staff, the annual review process is supported by both University and NHS documentation. Additional guidance is provided below.

Guidance on completion of Appraisal Paperwork for Clinical Academics with Honorary Consultant Contracts

Currently, there is no requirement for clinical academics to use the University online appraisal system.  Clinical academic staff will continue with existing appraisal arrangements.

Whilst it is expected that a joint appraisal will take place, in line with the Follett principals, it has now been agreed that the Trust Appraisal Form 4 can be used as a joint mechanism to capture both clinical and academic appraisal information.  The Trust Appraisal Form 4 can be found on this website.

Sections B ‘Related Activities’ and 6 ‘Other Activities’ can be used to capture academic activity and achievement over the appraisal period.

The Personal Development Plan should also be used to record agreed objectives for academic activity for the forthcoming appraisal period.

Once appraisals are completed they should be submitted via the relevant Trust mechanism (please refer to ‘After Sign Off’) and a copy sent to The appraisal form will then be uploaded onto the University Resourcelink HR record.

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