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Grading and Career Development – Re-evaluation for staff in MSA, TAE and CAO Job Families

Colleagues in the Management, Specialist and Administrative (MSA), Technical and Experimental (TAE) and Community and Operational (CAO) job families have different options for career progression to colleagues in the Education, Research and Enterprise (ERE) job family. In these job families, promotion is achieved via application for new or vacant roles at a higher level or through re-grading where there is an agreed need for the duties and responsibilities of a role to change, and job evaluation confirms that this would change the grading of the post. Discussions about career development opportunities should form part of your appraisal and one-to-one meetings with your line manager, to help ensure readiness for opportunities when they arise.

If an individual is not sure what options are open to them in their current job, they are advised to have a conversation with their manager.

Promotion usually only takes place as a result of successful appointment, following an appropriate recruitment activity, to a role at a higher level than their current role, usually with a move to a different role altogether.

Alternatively, and in less common circumstances, progression can be achieved following a successful re-grade of the role, normally as a result of broader changes within a department or team. The outcome will involve a change of grade and a potential pay rise to reflect the revised expectations of the role.

Individuals can use the information in the Career Pathways and Contribution Matrices to help map out their personal and professional development needs and understand the skills and capabilities required at each level within each job family.

It is recognised that career progression along a strictly linear career trajectory may be less common for isolated roles where more bespoke personal and professional development planning may be required. In some cases career progression may be facilitated by a change of job family (e.g. a Level 5 TAE post holder may need to consider options for moving into either the ERE or MSA job families to enable further career progression).

Careers Advice

The University does not currently operate a careers service specifically for staff. However there a number of ways we can endeavour to assist you with your career questions.

We recommend you speak to your line manager in the first instance and visit the sections below for further information.

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