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Redundancy explained


With effect from 1st August 2023, the information on this page has been replaced by the University’s new Employment Procedures and Guidance.

The information on these pages will only be applicable if you are involved in a formal procedure which started prior to 1st August 2023.

The University’s policy is to avoid redundancies wherever possible. Every reasonable effort will be made to avoid redundancy situations arising and to avoid making individual members of staff compulsorily redundant.

The needs of the business may from time to time require a reduction in the overall number of staff employed, or organisational changes that result in some members of staff being made redundant.

Where this is necessary we will endeavour to ensure:

Further information about our policies and procedures is available below. We recommend contacting Ask HR ( as early as possible to discuss any action where you believe redundancy may be an outcome.

Policy and procedures

Redundancy: Levels 1-3

Procedure - Redundancy Level 1-3.pdf

Flowchart - Redundancy Level 1-3.pdf


Redundancy: Levels 4-7

Procedure - Redundancy Level 4+ and academic [Ordinance 3.4].pdf

Flowchart - Redundancy Level 4+ and academic [Ordinance 3.4].pdf


Fixed term contract termination (all levels)

Procedure - Fixed term contracts [Ordinance 3.8].pdf

Flowchart - Fixed term contract termination [Ordinance 3.8].pdf



Policy - Redeployment.pdf


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