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Working overseas explained

Working abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience both personally and professionally with the chance to further personal and professional skills, to learn a new language and to live in a different culture.

However like all new environments there are certain working, legal and living implications that need to be considered before leaving the UK.  In order to not experience difficulties it is important to remember you are in a culture with different laws and etiquettes to that which you are use to at home.  We recommend you research the local laws and customs before leaving for your work assignment.  Please see the government travel advice for more country specific information.

Any member of staff going overseas for work should ensure that their up to date contact details, together with any travel plans, copies of their passports, risk assessments, important medical details and emergency contact/next of kin details are shared with their manager. Members of staff should also inform their next of kin or emergency contact of who in the University will have their travel plans and contact details. Managers receiving such information should hold it securely until the employee returns safely and destroy it after the visit to protect personal data.

Below are links to implications that must be considered before embarking on a work assignment overseas. The list is not exhaustive and there may be other things you need to consider.

For information regarding the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC) please see the Guidance (below).

If you require further assistance please contact or view the International Business Advice webpages.

How do I...?

Checklist for managers - Overseas employment.pdf

Guidance for Staff Travelling to USMC.docx

Guidance for Staff Travelling to USMC.pdf

Overseas working arrangements.pdf

Guidance - Working Overseas

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