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The University of Southampton

Angelica Finnegan BA Philosophy and Politics

Angelica Finnegan's Photo

Hi, I'm Angelica Finnegan and I studied BA Philosophy and Politics within Humanities at the University of Southampton.

I’m glad I chose Southampton and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Angelica took the International Baccalaureate at school, including history, philosophy, English and French.

Why did you choose to study philosophy as part of your degree?

I enjoyed philosophy at school and so I decided to carry it on. I reasoned that it would allow me the opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills and ability to develop coherent arguments.

Why did you choose Southampton?

I was really impressed by what it had to offer in respect of subject material and sports and arts facilities. Most important was Southampton offering the exact course that I wished to study. Philosophy and Politics allows for the study of a wide range of engaging and stimulating topics. I went to an open day after I had applied and I made up my mind once I finished the tour that this was the university for me. The campus is not too big that you felt lost or as if you would be a mere statistic, but it isn’t so campus based that you would never have to leave the campus if you didn’t want to.

What do you like most about studying philosophy?

I really enjoy all aspects of my course. It has been challenging and I’ve gained a lot of extra knowledge through reading around the topics and developing my independent learning skills. I’ve had great support from lecturers and tutors whenever I have had difficulty understanding certain theories or ideas.

What do you like most about the city and the University?

The city is awesome. There is plenty to do in the city itself with shops, bars, clubs and restaurants - and I work in West Quay. It’s easy to stick to Portswood and Jesters (you’ll learn all about these two places if you come here!) but when you venture out into the city you’ll find there’s a lot there. Bournemouth and the New Forest are not far away, so in the summer you don’t have to just stick to Southampton when you have free time.

The University has a laid back feel to it with lots of greenery. In the summer there has been a Pimms tent on campus so you can sip on a cool drink whilst sitting in the sun. There’s a lot going on at the Cube; last semester Scott Mills played and we had Mika too. I have found that there are so many things that I want to do I’ve had to be strict with myself so that I can have some evenings to study!

What is your typical week like?

Busy! I have twelve lectures per week. On a Monday evening I try to get started on the week’s reading. Tuesday night I go to the light operatic society, Wednesday I usually have off so I volunteer at RYA Sailability in Lymington or I go to work. Thursday evening I go to Handball and I am now their PR officer. Friday evening I have free which I usually use to go out with my friends. I spend Saturdays and Sundays catching up with university work and going to work, meeting friends and going to the Cube on a Saturday night.

Do you have any advice for a new first year?

I’m glad I chose Southampton and can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I like banter between the different halls, even when you get your own house or flat you still feel a certain bias to the halls you lived in during first year. So I would like to give one bit of advice: Choose Montefiore!

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