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The University of Southampton

Dr Angela Prysthon 

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Angela Prysthon's photo

Dr Angela Prysthon is a Visiting Research Fellow in Film at the University of Southampton.

I studied journalism at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. I have a MPhil in Literary Theory (UFPE, 1993) and a PhD in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies (university of Nottingham, 1999), with the thesis "Peripheral Cosmopolitanisms. Aspects of Brazilian postmodern culture." I have some experience in film criticism and have been researching Brazilian culture, especially cinema and popular music since my undergraduate program. The more focused and institutionalized research about film began in 2001, especially on European and Latin American cinemas, the relationship between the city and film and the aesthetics of mediatic culture. I also formed part of the founding group of the Program in Film Studies at the UFPE, where I am an Associate Professor, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and supervising theses and dissertations.

Research interests

My research interests include aesthetics and visual culture, cultural studies, comparative studies of cinema; film history; Latin American cinema; relations between cinema and the cities; Art and politics, contemporary theory; Media and memory; Pop culture, music and film; nostalgic imagination, aesthetic trajectories of contemporary filmmakers; Third Cinema. I have supervised on Masters and PhD topics that include: contemporary Argentine cinema; identity and exile in Terra estrangeira (Walter Salles); the city in Brazilian retomada; contemporary cinema from the state of Pernambuco; nostalgia and melancholy in Philippe Garrel; the impact of the internet in film criticism; the aesthetics of amateur pornography in the web; the cinematic adaptations of Caio Fernando Abreu's works; fan fiction in the web; among other themes. 

Current research projects
Urban visibilities: British cinema and the cities
Description: The purpose of this research is to investigate the links between the city and the cinema through the reading of urban space in various stages and from different aspects of British cinema. The work plan of this investigation is structured in three thematic parts; the first concerning the role of London in British cinema; the second more focused on the cities in British films of the sixties and the last one related to contemporary British cinema and the emergence of multicultural urban contexts.

The Cinema and the Cities. Joints between urban space and the film image (linked to CNPq)
The project described above is part of a greater research which aims to investigate the links between the city and the cinema through the reading of urban space in various stages and from different aspects of world cinema. It is, therefore, a project that covers a wide spectrum of relationships and contexts that transcend the cinema and the city alone, encompassing  multifaceted perceptions of urban space reflected in cinema, relating both to the study of the more empirical constitution of the metropolis and to the emergence of cinema. One of the purposes of the research, in fact, is precisely to survey the theoretical tools needed to perform such mapping. Thus, we articulate an essentially interdisciplinary theoretical frame to study both more strict aspects of the representation of the city in the cinema and also how urban space has been transformed by film.

Dr Angela Prysthon
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BF United Kingdom
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