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The University of Southampton

Ms Christina Triantafillou 

Research Fellow

Ms Christina Triantafillou's photo

Ms Christina Triantafillou is a Research Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I am a Roman archaeologist and research fellow on the Portus Project. I received my B.A. in Archaeology and Classical Humanities from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. My M.A. dissertation at Tufts University was a catalogue and analysis of the coin finds (Punic to Byzantine) from Carthage by the Second Canadian Excavations from 1976-1986. My doctoral thesis at Oxford University is entitled "Imperial building in Trajanic Rome: a study of the construction and economics of public building". I have excavated at sites in Italy and the UK for over ten years, including Poggio Civitate (Murlo), Vindolanda, the Sangro Valley Project, Dorchester-on-Thames, and Portus.

Research interests

For the Portus Project, I am undertaking a quantitative study of the construction of the Trajanic harbour at Portus and its related infrastructure to better understand Roman investment in port construction and its relationship to other imperial expenditure. My research interests include Roman imperial architecture, the Roman building industry, construction history and the Roman economy.

Research group

Classical and historical archaeology

Affiliate research groups

, Centre for Maritime Archaeology

Research project(s)

The Portus Project

Portus (Fiumicino) was the maritime port of ancient Rome and, together with the neighbouring river port at Ostia, was the focus of a network of ports serving Imperial Rome between the mid-1st century AD and the 6th century AD.  The Portus Project is guided by two main objectives.  Firstly, it seeks to build a better understanding of Portus itself, as well as its relationship to Ostia, Rome, and the rest of the Mediterranean.  Secondly, it aims to develop techniques that will enhance the ways in which highly complex classical sites can be investigated and recorded, and evaluate the impact of those techniques.

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Ms Christina Triantafillou
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BF United Kingdom

Room Number : 58/2113

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