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The University of Southampton

John Breese, guitar Event

13:00 - 14:00
7 February 2011
Turner Sims University of Southampton Highfield SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Louise Johnson on 023 8059 8424 or email .

Event details

Master of Music Guitar Recital

Russian born guitarist and composer Nikita Koshkin (b. 1956) is known for his dramatic, rhythmic and colourful music. He was given his first guitar as a child by his grandfather and listened to Segovia recordings from an early age which inspired him. Koshkin studied at the Moscow College of Music despite his parents having plans for him to have a diplomacy based career. He is one of the few contemporary composers who have exploited the possibilities inherent in the guitar as an innovative instrument, using the entire guitar as a potential for music. 

This programme includes a broad range of Koshkin's compositional styles and techniques, ending with two of his most famous works:

Guitar – Гитара (1987)

Usher Valse - Вальс Швейцара (1984)

The Prince's Toys - Игрушки принца (1980)

-The Mischievous Prince

-The Mechanical Monkey

-The Doll With Blinking Eyes

-The Tin Soldiers

-The Prince's Coach

-The Big Toy's Parade (Theme & Variations)

John Breese is currently studying for a Masters in Performance MMus degree at the University of Southampton under tutor Vincent Lindsey-Clark. John's repertoire on the classical guitar covers a broad range of composers and eras but more recently has focused on contemporary guitar compositions because of the exciting new sounds and techniques pushing the boundaries of the instrument's capabilities. As part of his undergraduate degree at Southampton, John performed some of the most challenging works for the instrument by Lindsey-Clark and Rak, obtaining one of the highest marks awarded that year for performance.

John is working closely alongside other postgraduate students at Southampton and intends to perform a world premiere in the not so distant future. John's other musical projects include a US tour in mid-February playing the 5-string banjo.

Free admission.

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