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The University of Southampton

Cultures, Communities and Conflicts in the Medieval Mediterranean Event

Medieval mediterranean map
09:00 - 18:00
4 - 6 July 2011
University of Southampton (UK)

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Francois Soyer, Dr Rebecca Bridgman at; .

Event details

Second Biennial Conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean

The University of Southampton is proud to host the 2011 second biennial conference of the Society for the medieval Mediterranean. This three-day conference will bring scholars together to explore the interaction of the various peoples, societies, faiths and cultures of the medieval Mediterranean, a region which had been commonly represented as divided by significant religious and cultural differences. The objective of the conference is to highlight the extent to which the medieval Mediterranean was not just an area of conflict but also a highly permeable frontier across which people, goods and ideas crossed and influenced neighbouring cultures and societies.

Speaker information

Professor Graham Loud,University of Leeds, UK,Professor of Medieval Italian History

Dr Anna Contadini,SOAS, London,Laurea (Venice) PhD (London)

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