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The University of Southampton

Medieval Military Seminar Event

10:00 - 17:00
14 June 2013
Lecture Theatre A Avenue Campus University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BF

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Event details

A day long seminar which includes a presentation by Bob Woosnam-Savage, Curator of the Leeds Royal Armouries.

The day is an open seminar, open to all with an interest in the warfare of the later medieval ages, that will provide a platform for the various members of our research community to present their new research in an informal and constructive atmosphere. There will be four session throughout the day, containing a series of papers on all manner of topics related to the military activities of the later medieval ages - from archers to guns, marriage alliances to military contracts, and from army regulations to the impact of war on maritime communities.

For the final talk of the day we are lucky enough to have Robert C. Woosnam-Savage, Curator of European Edged Weapons at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, giving an extended talk on the weapons and wounds that brought about the demise of Richard III. Bob, Project Weapons Expert for the University of Leicester's ‘Search for Richard III' Archaeological Team, as well as part of the Search Team on the ‘Greyfriars Project', has been studying the skeleton of Richard III since its discovery. He was employed to help find and examine the weapons trauma on the skeleton and attempt to identify the various types of weapons that may have been used to make them. As a result, using both historical and archaeological evidence, it is only now that we can begin to create a potential sequence of events that lets us discover the possible last moments and death of Richard III  - ‘the king under the car park'.

Bob Woosenam-Savage's session: ‘Killed the Boar; shaved his head':  The Violent Death of King Richard III will take place at 16:00-17:00.

A timetable of the day can be found on the right.

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