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The University of Southampton

Epistemic and Practical Normativity: Meta-Normative Problems and Proposals Event

12 June 2015
Room 1173 Building 65 Faculty of Humanities Avenue Campus

For more information regarding this event, please email Daniel Whiting at .

Event details

Philosophy at Southampton will host the third workshop of the AHRC-funded project, Normativity: Epistemic and Practical.

The workshop will consider whether theories in meta-ethics – for example, expressivism, error theory, naturalism, fictionalism, and so on – might be applied to epistemic normativity, and how the arguments for and against those theories – for example, open question arguments, arguments from queerness, arguments from motivational internalism, and so on – fare when we turn to epistemic discourse and its subject matter.

Further details and a call for respondents will be posted in due course.


About the project

Normativity: Epistemic and Practical is a two-year AHRC-funded project aiming to explore the connections and relations between epistemic and practical normativity. More details about the project, and about upcoming events, can be found on the project website.


Conor McHugh, Jonathan Way and Daniel Whiting (Southampton)

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