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The University of Southampton

Master of Music Recital Series  Event

13:00 - 13:50
23 January 2017
Turner Sims Salisbury Road Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Louise Johnson on 02380598424 or email .

Event details

Singer Vaclav Dufek performs his first postgraduate recital this year.


Václav Dufek is studying at the University of Southampton for one semester from the Czech Republic. He studies at the Faculty of Education in Prague and also classical singing at Prague Conservatory. The pieces chosen for his recital today are written by Czech, English, German and Italian composers.



Free admission.



1. Já sem si myslíval - (Czech folk song)

2. Každá Kačenka - (Czech folk song)

3. G. F. Handel - Verdi prati

4. A. Scarlatti - Se florinda è fedele

5. J. P. Martini - Piacer d'amor

6. G. Bononcini - Per la gloria d'adorarvi


7. F. Schubert - Frohsinn

8. F. Schubert - Das Wandern


9. A. Scarlatti - O cessate di piagarmi

10. H. Purcell - I attempt from Love's sickness to fly


11. B. Martinů - A Religious Song

12. A. Dvořák - Zpívejte hospodinu (Biblical Song no 10)


13. B. Britten - There's none to soothe

14. B. Britten - The foggy, foggy dew

15. R. Vaughan Williams - Silent noon

16. G. Finzi - It was a lover and his lass

17. Píme chlapci (Slovak folk song)

18. Všetci ludia povedajú (Slovak folk song)


19. J. Ježek - Nebe na zemi



Vaclav Dufek
Vaclav Dufek
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