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The University of Southampton

City Art Gallery Talk Event

Four seasons
14:00 - 15:00
17 March 2018
Southampton City Art Gallery, Commercial Road, Southampton SO14 7LP

Event details

Part of a series of talks organised with City Art Gallery.

'Winter is coming': Heidegger on death

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger claimed that living authentically requires that ‘at every moment’ we be 'free for death'. This talk will explore whether this can only be a morbid, ‘joyless existence', as critics such as Marcuse have argued, and why--for Heidegger--it is instead only ‘when one has death before one as certain and lays hold of it as such’ that ‘one’s life becomes visible in itself’.

These series of talks are linked to the "Four Season" exhibition at the City Art Gallery from 3 February to 21 April 2018. The talks are free of charge to attend.

Speaker information

Professor Denis McManus, Professor of Philosophy

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