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The University of Southampton

Picking Apart Pain Study Day Event

Lifelong Learning
Picking apart pain
10:00 - 16:00
14 April 2018
Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BF

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Event details

Pain is a sensation that everyone experiences, no matter how big or small.

Both emotional and physical are entwined, and you cannot experience one without the other. Understanding how pain works and where it comes from can give us insight into the appropriate reaction to different types of pain. Some types of pain are easy to resolve, such as a bruise or a cut; other types of pain are not so simple. Pain in the abdomen, for example, can be a sign that your appendix needs to be taken out or it may be a case of chronic pain. Anyone who has experienced chronic pain can tell you how frustrating and exhausting it is, and just how drastically it can affect their life.

This Study Day will provide you with an introduction to pain, and gain a basic understanding of how pain works and how it travels in the body. You will also find out about the different types of pain and the way pain can interfere in daily life. You will also be introduced to different types of pain treatments and pain management techniques, along with some issues with each type of treatment and technique. While this workshop will not teach you how to manage your own pain or someone else’s pain, it will give you some knowledge about the mechanism of pain.

Please note: As this study day is about pain, heavy topics will be briefly discussed (such as cancer or losing a loved one). If these are sensitive topics you do not wish to discuss, this study day may not be right for you.


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