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The University of Southampton

Professionalism in language teaching Seminar

Modern Languages and Linguistics
18:00 - 19:30
2 May 2013
Lecture Theatre C Avenue Campus

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Event details

This talk aims to stand back from received wisdom on what good language teaching is like, and uses a model of accountable professionalism to guide what should be included in teacher education as well as signalling the need to adjust teaching priorities.

What is often meant by being professional is being good at the job. To be good at the job, one needs the declarative knowledge, skills and attitudes that experts have identified as necessary.  But in language teaching, as in other fields, there are important questions that must arise. Where did the experts get their lists of declarative knowledge, skills and attitudes? How can we know when someone has acquired them and to what standard? Why those kinds of knowledge and not others? What expertise legitimizes them?

Hosted by the Pedagogic Research Group.

All welcome!

Speaker information

Frank Farmer, Universidad de Quintana Roo. Frank Farmer was until fairly recently an architect registered to practice in the United Kingdom, a profession which he practiced for some 20 years. He has also been teaching English as a foreign language in the Universidad de Quintana Roo, Mexico, since 1996. His research interests are professionalism in language teaching, learner autonomy, and technology mediated learning. The second edition of his book Professionalism in ELT was published in 2011. Among his other publications he has published in the ELT Journal and the International Journal of Applied Linguistics, as well as speaking at conferences in the UK and Mexico.

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