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The University of Southampton
Humanities Graduate School

Genetics Workshop

We are organising a half day workshop featuring three presentations from invited speakers discussing the topic of ancient human DNA.


This area of research has expanded hugely over the past two years revealing exciting new facts about human evolution. Insights range from specific details of Homo sapiens inter-breeding with other hominin species, data on inter-species gene transfers affecting specific behavioural attributes as well as the discovery of more than one hitherto unknown hominin species (e.g. the Denisovans).

The workshop will be supported by a series of reading groups, both before and after, to discuss specific journal articles and identify specific questions the group would like addressed. Specific dates for these reading groups are yet to be confirmed but we have the provisional date of May 8th for the workshop.

We expect this event will be of interest to archaeology students and staff, specifically Masters and PhD students studying Human Origins in CAHO and Osteoarchaeology students. Emails advertising the event will be sent out in due course.



For anyone wishing to have more information in the meantime, please contact either Lucie Bolton or Alex Pryor.


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