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Emergence is the University of Southampton's Humanities Graduate School postgraduate peer-reviewed research journal, providing students with the opportunity to disseminate their research to a diverse audience of peers and professionals.

Founded in 2009 as the proceedings of the GradNet annual conference, Emergence has expanded into a showcase of some of the most compelling research carried out by postgraduates in a range of disciplines within the Humanities at the University of Southampton. In keeping with the spirit of GradNet, Emergence is entirely staffed by students who fulfill the central roles of editorial and design. Their efforts are supported by the Humanities Graduate School and the University of Southampton Print Centre.

Every volume of the journal is available for download through this site (links are below). Print copies are also available through GradNet, and the Hartley Library.

Emergence is published every Autumn by GradNet. If you would like to get involved with the journal, either as a contributor or staff member, please email:

ISSN: 2041-8248


Previous Issues:

Emergence Volume I: Lost (and Found) in Translation

Emergence Volume II: The Defining Moment

Emergence Volume III: Memory and Myth

Emergence Volume IV: Interactions and Identity

Emergence Volume V: Dominance and Deviation

Emergence Volume VI: Adaption and Assimilation

Emergence Volume VII: Conformity and Controversy

Emergence Volume VIII: Construction and Decay

Emergence Volume IX: Myth vs Reality

Emergence Volume X - Tradiation vs. Innovation

Emergence Special Edition: At Home and Abroad:Politics and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century

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