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The University of Southampton
Humanities Graduate School

Samuel Beckett Reading Group

Discussion of Samuel Beckett’s prose works takes place on Wednesday afternoons at Avenue Campus starting 4th March 2015.



Start date - 5pm



Watt (1953)

18th March - part I

1st April - part II

15th April - part III

29th April - part IV

Molloy (1955)

13th May - first half of part I

27th May - second half of part II

10th June - first half of part II

24th June - second half of part II

Malone Dies (1956)

8th July - up until Malone loses his pencil

22th July - up until Malone loses his stick

5th August - to the last page

The Unnameable (1958)               

19th August

2nd September

16th September

30th September

How It Is (1964)                       

14th October - part I

28th October - part II

11th November - part III

Company (1980)

25th November

Ill Seee Ill said (1982)

9th December

Worstward Ho (1983)

23rd December

Stirrings Still (1988)

6th January 2016

Suggested reading

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For further information contact Paul Kelly or James McGuiggan.

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