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The University of Southampton
Humanities Graduate School

Discourse and Textual Analyses

We would like to announce that Discourse and Textual Analyses Group,  funded by the faculty of humanities.

We will have the first meeting on Wednesday, 25/2/15, 3-4pm. Building 65, Room 1177.

Refreshments will be provided, thanks to the generous funding of faculties.

The idea of this group is to bring together students who use discourse and textual analyses for their research but in different disciplines, in order to share our ideas and understand varieties of methodology.

The founding members are specializes in, such as:

・Narrative strategy in fiction (medieval literature)
・Stylistics and the eighteenth-century fiction
・Philology and Archaeology in Roman time
・Discourse Analysis and Latin American politics
・Text Linguistics and education of English

We are planning to meet once a month (5 times in total), from this Wednesday to May/June. On our first meeting, a PhD student will give a 20-30 minutes presentation on: Free Indirect Speech in the eighteenth-century novel (particularly Jane Austen), followed by 20-30 minutes discussions.

We will also set up our schedule for our future meetings.


If you have any questions or would like to come to a meeting, email Muazzam Sharif or Hatsuyo Shimazaki.

Or just pop-in! Both PhD and MA students are welcome!

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