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The University of Southampton
Humanities Graduate School

Ulysses Reading Group

A weekly term-time multidisciplinary reading group in which Joyce's Ulysses is read using a sequence corresponding to the episodes of Homer's Odyssey. While the aim is to read the Odyssey each week as well as the relevant chapter of Ulysses, on-going critical discussions also attempt to encourage a variety of approaches.

Starts: October 2014.
Day and Time: TBC
Venue: Avenue Campus
Contact: Paul Kelly 

Recommended reading:
Harari, R. (2002) How James Joyce Made His Name: A Reading of the Final Lacan. Translated by Thurston, L. New York: Other Press.
Kiberd, D. (2010) Ulyssess and Us: The Art of Everyday Living. London: Faber.
McGee, P. (2001) Joyce Beyond Marx: History and Desire in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. Gainesville: University of Florida Press.
Rabaté, J.-M. ed. (2004) James Joyce Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Reading Ulysses with Homer Schedule

Joyce's Ulysses Homer's Odyssey
       Book I: Telemachia

1     Telemachus 1-28 I & II
2     Nestor 29-45 III
3     Proteus 46-64 IV
       Book II: Odyssey
4      Calypso  65-85 V
13    Nausicaa 449-499 VI-VIII
5      Lotus Eaters 85-107 IX.i
12     Cyclops 376-449 IX.ii
7      Aeolus 147-189 X.i
8      Laestrygonians 190-234 X.ii
15     Circe 561-703 X.iii
6      Hades 107-147 XI
11     Sirens 328-378 XII.i
10     Wandering Rocks 280-328 XII.ii
9      Scylla and Charybdis 235-280 XII.iii
14     Oxen of the Sun 499-561 XII.iii
        Book III: Nostos
16     Eumaeus 704-776 XII-XVII
17     Ithaca 776-871 XVIII-XXII
18     Penelope 871-933 XXIII & XXIV

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