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Reading groups

As a postgraduate, you can join a reading group on a range of cross-disciplinary subjects. Get involved in one of our existing groups, or set one up yourself!

Many of our disciplines host Postgraduate Reading Groups on specific topics. You can find the list of reading groups currently being run within the humanities.

Groups meet at least twice a year. Meetings vary; sometimes informal discussions, sometimes presentations of papers, sometimes discussion of key texts and sometimes, invited speakers. Talk to your departmental contact to find out about groups within your subject area. If you would like to set up your own reading group, we can help! Get in touch with the Humanities Graduate School Office.

Some of the research centres also run their own postgraduate events, such as seminar series.



Examples of reading groups are:

Samuel Beckett Reading Group

Interpreting Histories

Discourse and Textual Analyses

Soton Film Reading Group

Twentieth Century Reading Group

Ulysses Reading Group

Finnegan's Wake Reading Group

Medieval Studies Reading Group

Memory Reading Group

Modern History Reading Group

PhD Film Studies Reading Group

Poetry Society

Prehistory Reading Group


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