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The University of Southampton
Humanities Graduate School

Wolfson Foundation Scholars

Southampton University is one of nine UK universities selected by the Wolfson Foundation for the support of Postgraduate Research. The Foundation’s aim ‘is thus not only to support some of the most exciting students, but also to make a statement about the value of the humanities. We believe that high quality academic research in this field is of critical importance to British society.

with Professor Andrea Reiter, Director of the Faculty of Humanities Graduate School
Wolfson Scholars and their posters

We currently have three cohorts of Wolfson Scholars:

Edward Alexander, Modern Languages/Film
Joel Found, English Literature
Ahren Lester, History

Chloë McKenzie, History
Elena Stevens, English

Suzanne Coley, Language/History
Harry Warwick, English
Eleanor Houghton, History/English


Robert McGregor, History

Sarah Osmond Smith, English

Jennifer Allcock, English


SWW 1st supervisees

Christianne Fernee

Eleanor Gwynne

Felix Hagenstroem

Konstantinos Kaltsas

Gavain Glenton (to start in sem 2)


SWW 2nd supervisees

Daniel Carpenter

David Clancy

Joanna Higgins

Melanie Jackson

Alexander Jones

Nancy Jones

Chad David McDonald

Imogen Peck

Carolina Rangel de Lima

Sylvia Truini



Wolfson Poster
Edward Alexander
Wolfson Poster
Eleanor Houghton
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