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The University of Southampton
The Hummingbird Project

Ashley Symons

Ashley Symons, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Southampton

Dr Ashley Symons is the Post-Doctoral Researcher based in the School of Psychology at the University of Southampton. She completed her Undergraduate degree at the University of California, Davis, before completing her Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York, and her PhD at the University of Manchester. Ashley’s research interests centre around how social information is expressed and perceived through faces, bodies, and voices.

Ashley’s main responsibilities within the Hummingbird Project include the review of human capabilities in face recognition, as well as the conduct of experimental studies to examine the human capabilities in voice recognition. In addition, Ashley will be leading on public outreach events at Southampton, and will be the main point of contact for all social media activities. She will be working under the supervision of Professor Sarah Stevenage.

To find out more about Ashley and her research, click here to go to her homepage.

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