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Anthropodynamic Dummy

HVLab anthropodynamic dummy has been developed through pioneering research in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton. The single degree-of-freedom passive dummy can be used in place of human subjects when measuring the transmission of vibration through seats. The anthropodynamic dummy has been designed to replicate the vertical apparent mass of a human body at frequencies up to 30 Hz and over a range of vibration magnitudes. The HVLab anthropodynamic dummy gives more repeatable measures of seat performance than human subjects and can therefore be used as an objective design tool in seat development.


The HVLab anthropodynamic dummy can be used in place of human subjects to evaluate the dynamic performance of seats.

Applications include:


The HVLab anthropodynamic dummy consists of a single degree-of-freedom passive simulator unit, articulated seat cushion indenter, backrest indenter, and removable weights. The passive simulator unit consists of a moving mass incorporating six  interlocking masses that can be removed to facilitate transportation and installation. The moving mass is constrained to move vertically on two chrome-plated precision shafts. An adjustable viscous dashpot damper is used to provide the damping in the unit. The low inherent friction of the dummy ensures a linear response over a range of input magnitudes suitable for seat testing.
The dummy interfaces with the seat surface using two SIT-bar shaped indenters at the seat surface and the backrest. The seat indenter is articulated, allowing tool-less adjustment of the angle and position of the dummy on the seat. The backrest indenter of the dummy is decoupled from the main unit using linear bearings and can be attached to the seat backrest using the supplied ratchet strap. This configuration minimises the influences of the backrest on the dyanamic response at the seat surface and also significantly improves the stability of the dummy.

HVLab anthropodynamic dummy

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